ASL Interpreter

Beth is a freelance American Sign Language (ASL) - English Interpreter. She bridges the communication gap between hearing and deaf consumers. American Sign Language is a visual language that captures spoken messages by presenting them in picturesque, expressive displays. ASL is an independent language with its own syntax and grammar. ASL isn’t just a series of gestures that approximate a message; it is a complex language that uses linguistic parameters in the same way verbal languages do.
ASL- English Interpretation occurs simultaneously or consecutively. Simultaneous interpreting happens as a speaker speaks. The momentary time lapse that occurs between hearing the words and  expressing them visually allows the interpreter to process information from the source language into the target (signed) language (and vice versa). Consecutive interpreting occurs after a speaker has completed a thought or sentence and then pauses so the interpretation can take place.

As an ASL- English Interpreter, Beth is sworn to keep the information she discovers during an interpreting session confidential. The Code of Professional Conduct, set up by the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID), has established guidelines for interpreters which include a strict code of confidentiality. Beth’s role as an ASL- English Interpreter holds to the standard.

Beth graduated from the Interpreter Training Program at Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado. She often interprets for educators and students and in the business world. She offers her services to families and businesses as well as presents “Baby and Me” sign language classes to parents of hearing infants as an ASL Interpreter.